Sunday, April 19, 2009

Menu Planning

So do you plan a menu? Do you just make food with what you have in the house? How often do you go shopping? Do you eat the same thing more than once a week?

This is all part of my food ADD, but I have created a way to plan a one month menu without repeating anything. And some may say this is food OCD, but I'll share it anyway.

One day, when I didn't feel like cleaning, but I wanted to get organized (see my other blog), I wrote down every meal that my family likes on separate note cards. I also wrote down all the ingredients I needed for that meal. Then in the upper right and left-hand corners I wrote down what type of meat and how long it took to make. Then I organized my week into different meal categories: Sun-Crockpot/Fancy meals, Mon-Sandwiches , Tues-Non-meat, Wed-Casseroles, Thurs-Mexican, Fri-Winners, Sat-Soups/Dad. I have my cards separated into those categories now. So when its time to plan I pick out 4 sunday cards, then 4 monday, etc. I arrange them so I can use leftovers of things like beans for our cafe rio salad. I also have a basic grocery list laid out in front of me, too.

It has taken all of the pain out of coming up with something to eat every 2 weeks. I post the menu for everyone to see. Now there's less complaining when they see something they don't want, because they know something they like is coming up soon. Anyway, just thought I'd share.

So what are your secrets?