Friday, February 28, 2014

3 years later!!

I know that there are a million food blogs out there now.  But, I've decided to try and revive this one. 

As I was trying to put together my 2 week menu (again) I had a complete brain block.  And the site where I usually get a lot of my ideas just wasn't doing it for me.

My food ADD was really kicking in.

So I went through my accordion recipe file (it's all just filed alphabetically and I love it - thanks mom!) and decided to just write down any recipe that I haven't made for a while that I felt like making.

Well, 28 dinners and 36 (breads, snacks and desserts) later, I'm feeling like I have a lot to cook. 

(Tip: I think it's a good idea to plan menus while you're hungry but shop when you're full!)

Since I'm trying to cook with more natural ingredients some of the recipes I want to make are ones that I'll need to experiment with.

I hope that as I document some of my successes and failures everyone will give me feedback and suggestions.

Also, please post your own recipes that are working for you and your family.

Here we go again.  Let's hope this isn't the last post in another 3 years.